We can support every aspect of your innovation efforts with services ranging from speeches delivered to the masses to more intricate conversations with key innovators and leaders.  Many organizations start by bringing in Stephen Shapiro for a keynote to kick things off, build momentum, and provide a common way of thinking across the organization.  After that, you may want us to conduct workshops or training sessions where we can build skills and solve real issues within your organization.  We also have a number of advisory and consulting packages that will help you deal with the day-to-day issues associated with your innovation efforts.  Plus we have a number of tools like our “Innovation Sustainability Program” and our “Challenge Toolkit.”

  • Keynote Speeches: Stephen Shapiro has delivered his groundbreaking keynotes in over 40 countries to hundreds of thousands of people.  Click here to read descriptions of his most frequently requested topics. Each speech is tailored to your specific needs and is typically based on the content from his Personality Poker and/or Best Practices Are Stupid books. watch Stephen’s video clips
  • Advisory Services and Consulting: As you embark on your innovation journey, you will want expert and unbiased advice to guide you through the process.  We offer a number of packages that can be modified to meet your specific needs. learn more about our advisory and consulting services
  • Innovation Sustainability Program: If you want to get everyone in your organization involved in your innovation efforts, you may be interested in our Innovation Sustainability Program, designed to give all of your employees access to groundbreaking insights and perspectives.  learn more about this cost-effective program
  • Workshops and Training: We offer a wide variety of innovation training and workshops.  learn more about our most popular classes and our strategic training partnership with Linkage
  • Innovation Challenge Toolkit: Defining challenge properly is a cornerstone of our innovation philosophy.  And sometimes you want 24/7 access to expert resources that can enable everyone within your organization to be better at this important skill. learn more about our challenge toolkit